Child Care Health Consultants (CCHC)


We invest in healthy and safe childcare environments for all childrenĀ birth to 5 years old by providing consultation and technical assistance on health, safety, and nutrition to childcare providers.

Our Childcare Health Consultant promotes healthy and safe environments for children in childcare settings by providing consultation, training, and technical assistance services to directors and staff. She provides free on-site education services to childcare providers and parents to address issues of children with special health, developmental, contagious disease, and/or chronic medical needs. Our CCHC is a Registered Nurse and are state-certified to work in childcare programs.

Our Childcare Health Consultant

  • Performs assessments of childcare programs focusing on health, safety and nutrition
  • Assists in the development and implementation of written health policies for childcare directors and staff
  • Helps integrate children with special health care needs into a childcare program
  • Assists childcare programs in preparing for rating scales in the areas of health, safety and nutrition
  • Provides trainings on the topics of health, safety, and nutrition.

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