The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years is an award winning parent education program for families of children 3-5 years old, who are challenged by their children’s behavior.

The Incredible Years BASIC Parent Training Program is an evidenced based parenting program that fosters healthy development in young children by strengthening parenting skills and promoting children’s academic, social, and emotional skills. This program is a good fit for parents who are struggling with their child’s negative and/or challenging behaviors and wish to learn strategies and skills to promote positive behaviors in their child.

The program is a series of weekly sessions during fourteen consecutive weeks; offered annually. Each session lasts approximately two hours. All adult members of the household with care giving responsibilities are encouraged to participate. Dinner and childcare are provided.

Topics included in the Incredible Years Program include:

  • Child Directed Play
  • Praise
  • Household Rules
  • Positive Behavior Charts
  • Ignoring, Time Out and Logical and Natural Consequences

Professional Development and Provider Training

Supporting our Early Childhood Educators in their pursuit of knowledge and higher education.

Through Professional Development and Provider Training, Early childhood staff employed in childcare facilities has the opportunity to develop a professional development plan aimed at attaining a higher level of education in Early Childhood Education or Child Development. Consultation and coaching may be provided to assist individuals interested in starting childcare programs to increase the parental options in the county. Grants may be awarded to eligible facilities when they have met all licensing requirements, commenced operation, and awarded a rating of 3 stars or higher. Local trainings in various topics approved by the Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) are scheduled throughout the year in order for childcare staff to stay current with training requirements and policies and procedures.

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